Symbol Quest Type
Signet of Capture Generic Skill Quests for all professions
Recharge Repeatable Quests
Hero Icon Hero unlocking quest
Dungeon icon Dungeon quest

Quests to get to GW:EN

The following quests permitting access to Eye of the North are mutually exclusive. Each character can take only one of the quests upon first accessing the expansion. Afterwards, The Beginning of the End can be retaken from any of the three zones by visiting the respective underground area in each Campaign.

Unlock the Asura Gate

Unlock travel to Far Shiverpeaks

Far Shiverpeaks Quests

Boreal Station

Ice Cliff Chasms

Eye of the North

Hall of Monuments

Note: Any abandoned or completed primary quest can also be regained at the Scrying Pool.


Gunnar's Hold


Drakkar Lake

Jaga Moraine

Bjora Marches


Varajar Fells

Longeye's Ledge

Central Transfer Chamber

Tarnished Coast Quests

Umbral Grotto

Vlox's Falls

Arbor Bay

Rata Sum

Magus Stones

Gadd's Encampment

Sparkfly Swamp

Alcazia Tangle

Tarnished Haven

Slavers' Exile

Charr Homelands Quests

Grothmar Wardowns

Dalada Uplands

Doomlore Shrine

Sacnoth Valley