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This is a comprehensive list of all Quests in the Factions campaign, sorted by region. See also: Category:Factions quests.

Note: Several areas of the game are initially "locked" or inaccessible even though you have found their portal. To view which quests or missions you need to "unlock" or gain access to those areas, see Factions Area Unlocking.

Symbol Quest Type
Signet of Capture.png Generic Skill Quests for all professions
Warrior Profession Skill Quest for Warriors only
Ranger Profession Skill Quest for Rangers only
Monk Profession Skill Quest for Monks only
Necromancer Profession Skill Quest for Necromancers only
Mesmer Profession Skill Quest for Mesmers only
Elementalist Profession Skill Quest for Elementalists only
Assassin Profession Skill Quest for Assassins only
Ritualist Profession Skill Quest for Ritualists only
Thrill of Victory.jpg Attribute Point Quest
Recharge.png Repeatable Quests
Hero Icon.jpg Hero unlocking quest
Travel.png Required to travel to a different campaign

Shing Jea Island

Note: Quests on Shing Jea Island are for Factions characters only, with one exception (The Bog Beast of Bokku).

Monastery Overlook

Shing Jea Monastery

Linnok Courtyard

Sunqua Vale

Tsumei Village

Panjiang Peninsula

Kinya Province

Ran Musu Gardens

Seitung Harbor

Jaya Bluffs

Haiju Lagoon

Kaineng City

Bejunkan Pier

Bukdek Byway

Dragon's Throat

Kaineng Center

Kaineng Docks

Maatu Keep

Raisu Pavilion

Senji's Corner

Shenzun Tunnels

Tahnnakai Temple (explorable)

The Undercity

Xaquang Skyway

Wajjun Bazaar

Zin Ku Corridor

Echovald Forest

Altrumm Ruins

House zu Heltzer


Drazach Thicket

Melandru's Hope

Vasburg Armory

Brauer Academy

Jade Sea


Breaker Hollow


Gyala Hatchery

Harvest Temple

Leviathan Pits

Maishang Hills

Mount Qinkai

Seafarer's Rest

Zos Shivros Channel