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Rand Stormweaver
Rand Stormweaver.jpg
Species: Modniir
Profession: Ranger
Level(s): 28
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Rand Stormweaver is a Modniir that can be found in the elite dungeon, Slavers' Exile. He is one of five Boss-like foes that must be defeated as part of the quest The Last Hierophant.


Skills used


  • A dungeon chest will spawn upon defeating this boss and his accompanying group of monsters containing one item: a gold weapon, Unique Item, Onyx Gemstone, or Diamond.
  • He has two ranger blocking stances which make him difficult to hit in melee without stance-ending skills such as Wild Blow.
  • Spiteful Spirit, Empathy and Pain Inverter are also excellent choices, as each takes effect multiple times when he uses Barrage.