This page gives the locations of elite skills for the Ranger at a glance. There are 35 elite Ranger skills.

Beast Mastery

Enraged Lunge Enraged Lunge (Factions)

Ferocious Strike Ferocious Strike (Core)

Heal as One Heal as One (Factions)

Lacerate Lacerate (Factions)

Rampage as One Rampage as One (Nightfall)

Strike as One Strike as One (Nightfall)


Archer's Signet Archer's Signet (Factions)

Escape Escape (Core)

Expert's Dexterity Expert's Dexterity (Nightfall)

Glass Arrows Glass Arrows (Factions)

Infuriating Heat Infuriating Heat (Nightfall)

Marksman's Wager Marksman's Wager (Prophecies)

Oath Shot Oath Shot (Prophecies)

Practiced Stance Practiced Stance (Prophecies)

Trapper's Focus Trapper's Focus (Factions)


Barrage Barrage (Core)

Broad Head Arrow Broad Head Arrow (Factions)

Burning Arrow Burning Arrow (Nightfall)

Crippling Shot Crippling Shot (Prophecies)

Melandru's Shot Melandru's Shot (Factions)

Prepared Shot Prepared Shot (Nightfall)

Punishing Shot Punishing Shot (Prophecies)

Wilderness Survival

Equinox Equinox (Factions)

Famine Famine (Factions)

Greater Conflagration Greater Conflagration (Prophecies)

Incendiary Arrows Incendiary Arrows (Prophecies)

Melandru's Arrows Melandru's Arrows (Prophecies)

Melandru's Resilience Melandru's Resilience (Prophecies)

Poison Arrow Poison Arrow (Prophecies)

Quicksand Quicksand (Nightfall)

Scavenger's Focus Scavenger's Focus (Nightfall)

Smoke Trap Smoke Trap (Nightfall)

Spike Trap Spike Trap (Core)

No Attribute

Magebane Shot Magebane Shot (Nightfall)

Quick Shot Quick Shot (Core)

Elite skill locations