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This article is about the rank for individual characters. For rank of an attribute, see Attribute. For rank of a guild, see Guild rating.

Deer Emote

Wolf Emote

Tiger Emote

Phoenix Emote

Dragon Emote

Rank is gained through fame and describes the success in the Heroes' Ascent tournament. It is shared between all characters on the same account. When a certain amount of fame points is attained a new rank is attained. The amount of fame points needed for each rank is listed in the following table. When rank 3 and above is reached a new emote is unlocked every 3 ranks which reflects the current rank. This makes it possible to show other players the rank. Another way of showing the rank is to go in the Hero screen into the Title tab, and check for the Title you want to be displayed. The "Title" option is available for display when you have achieved rank 3 or higher.

The emotes are shown using the commands /fame and /rank.

Note: Rank cannot be gained through faction.

Rank based emotes and titles

Rank Fame Emote Title
1 25 None Hero
2 75 None Fierce Hero
3 180 Deer 1 Mighty Hero
4 360 Deer 1 Deadly Hero
5 600 Deer 1 Terrifying Hero
6 1,000 Wolf Conquering Hero
7 1,680 Wolf Subjugating Hero
8 2,800 Wolf Vanquishing Hero
9 4,665 Tiger 2 Renowned Hero
10 7,750 Tiger 2 Illustrious Hero
11 12,960 Tiger 2 Eminent Hero
12 21,600 Phoenix King's Hero
13 36,000 Phoenix Emperor's Hero
14 60,000 Phoenix Balthazar's Hero
15 100,000 Dragon Legendary Hero
1 The deer emote is frequently referred to as "Bambi".
2 Charr in Eye of the North display a Tiger emote when they use the skill Gloat.

Note: These emotes cannot be "spammed" like other emotes, since they can only be done once every 30 seconds.

Rank discrimination

Most teams, while forming a group at the Heroes' Ascent, do not accept members below a certain rank because new players have a lack of experience in Heroes' Ascent. It follows that earning a rank emote and title will help you find a pick-up group at the Heroes' Ascent. Finding a good, active PvP-oriented Guild can be greatly helpful in gaining this initial experience and rank.

When PUGing players may advertise the desired rank of the player they need with the letter r followed by a number.


The Dragon emote, unlike the others, is rather lengthy and complex. A video of the full animation can be found here.

Ranks of Hero title