Remains of Sahlahja
Remains of Sahlahja
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Challenge Mission
Part of: The Desolation
Joko's Domain,
The Sulfurous Wastes

For information on the mission, see Remains of Sahlahja (mission).


This ruined and crumbling city was once the home of King Sahlahjar, the last of his line. Sahlahjar's father had resisted Palawa Joko for years, but with Lord Joko's armies advancing, Sahlahjar gave into his fears and cut a deal with the undead lord. Shortly after, Sahlahjar's citadel was overrun by Joko's undead army. The unlucky king was gutted and his remains animated as Joko's court jester. Sahlahjar remains bitter about this.

Getting there

Complete the Gate of Desolation mission. The entrance to this location from the sulfurous wastes is near the center of its northern edge.

Alternatively, this location can be reached by running. Start from Basalt Grotto and head south. When you reach the sulfurous wastes, run along its northern edge. Once past the sulfurous wastes, continue heading south.




Remains of Sahlahja


  • From the map, there is an area that bears resemblance to a face near the Remains of Sahlahja.
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