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Resurrection Signet
Resurrection Signet.jpg
Campaign: Core
Profession: None
Attribute: Unlinked
Type: Signet
        3 Activation    

Full: Resurrect target party member. That party member is returned to life with 100% Health and 25% Energy. This signet only recharges when you gain a morale boost.

Concise: Resurrects target party member (100% Health, 25% Energy). This signet only recharges when you gain a morale boost.


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  • Resurrection Signets are usable by any character profession.
  • Resurrection Signet is the fastest casting resurrect in PvP, tying with Unyielding Aura (PvP).
  • When interrupted, Resurrection Signet can be activated again immediately as it doesn't have recharge time, making it even more useful (unless the interrupting skill adds a recharge delay).
  • Virtually all henchmen carry this signet, except Monk and Ritualist henchmen, who carry reusable resurrection spells.
  • Resurrection Signet will recharge for consecutive matches in PvP such as Random Arena and Zaishen Elite.

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  • The resurrection signet is inscribed with a phoenix, a mythical bird said to rise from its own ashes after death.