Risen Ashen Hulk
Risen Ashen Hulk
Species: Titan
Profession: Necromancer
Level(s): 24, 28 (26, 30)


Risen Ashen Hulks are hulking necromancers that rise from the ashes of a Burning Titan and Armageddon Lord. Upon their death, they spawn a Hand of the Titans and a Fist of the Titans, each of which is level 28. Risen Ashen Hulks may also be found individually. Like most Titans, they cause burning while being adjacent to them; however, unlike most other Titans, they are fleshy, and as a result can bleed, become diseased and/or poisoned.


  1. The level 28 versions of Risen Ashen Hulks are spawned from other slain Titans.

Skills used

Items dropped


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