1. Gain the rank of First Spear.
  2. Complete quests or help Sunspear scouts with conscription orders to earn Sunspear promotion points.
  3. See Runduk [Sunspear Rank Officer] for your reward.

Obtained from

Runduk in Sunspear Great Hall


Nightfall Character
Rising in the Ranks: Master Sergeant



"The Order of the Sunspears rewards honor and bravery. As you progress through your career, not only can you gain new titles, but additional power and, of course, further responsibility. Once you have earned enough promotion points to gain the rank of a First Spear, you will earn 15 additional attribute points you can assign however you see fit."
Accept: "Sounds good to me!"
Reject: "Can't I jump straight to Spearmarchal?"

Reward Dialogue

"Well done, <name>! I have the honor of being the first to salute you. Congratulations on achieving the rank of First Spear. You must now hone your skills as a leader."


This requires reaching 300 Sunspear Promotion Points, collect them by completing quests in the area that give a promotion points reward. Alternatively, farm certain species while under the effect of a bounty.

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