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Ritual Priest Nahtem
Species: Ghost
Profession: Elementalist
Level(s): 24


Ritual Priest Nahtem is an Elonian scholar and arcanist that died several hundred years before the present day in the game. In the bonus objective of the Elona Reach mission, players are asked to bring a shard of the Vision Crystal to Priest Nahtem's remains to awaken him as well as Ritual Priest Hehmnut and Ritual Priest Kahdat.

The inscription on Priest Nahtem's Bones reads:

The Story of Priest Nahtem:
In the last night before the nation of Elonia was no more, Priest Nahtem sat on the warm sands of the Crystal Desert and peered up at the starry sky. Those disciples who had not fallen to the elements sat around him in a large circle. As a group they prayed to all the gods in turn, beseeching each of them to bring an end to their plight. The gods heard their prayers. As the morning sun rose, the suffering of Priest Nahtem's followers had been ended. They all lie dead, victims of a swift and sudden attack by the Forgotten.


Skills used