Roaring Ether
Roaring Ether
Species: Elemental
Profession: Mesmer
Level(s): 20, 24 (26)


Roaring Ether are found in Vabbi and various dungeons in the Depths of Tyria. They somewhat resemble large lions, and are rather dangerous Mesmers. The fact that they are often found in groups with high-damage Djinn makes them even more dangerous. Beware of mass Energy Surge and Mistrust on closely bunched party members. Unlike most Elementals, Roaring Ether are considered fleshy creatures and leave exploitable corpses, and have no resistance or vulnerability to specific subtypes of elemental damage.


Skills used

Items dropped


  • They are unable to resurrect the Djinn with their signets because the Djinn leave no corpses, but they can resurrect each other as well as other allies in their groups (for example, the Behemoth Gravebanes in their groups in the Hidden City).
  • The Whispers Informants in Vabbi use 'Roaring Ether' as a plural.
  • They have level 14 Domination Magic.
  • It is recommended for caster classes to spread out or their skill mistrust may wipe a party.


  • Roaring Ethers are probably inspired by chimeras of ancient mythology.
  • See Wikipedia's article on Aether.



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