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  1. Solo Mission
  2. Beat 5 Heroes
  3. Fight Magni the Bison
  4. See Magni the Bison for reward

Obtained from

Magni the Bison in Gunnar's Hold


100 Gold


Common to all professions A Touch of Guile
Common to all professions "Dodge This!"
Common to all professions "Finish Him!"


"I laugh at heroes. I scoff at dragons. I even deride the Titans! None have withstood my strong right arm. None have bested Magni the Bison. This tournament will decide who has the right to challenge me."
"You have something of a reputation among the other weaklings. But you will still need to defeat five opponents in my tournament before earning the right to face me, your sixth and final challenge!"
Accept: "I'll defeat more than one opponent before I'm through."
Reject: "I'm not here to play games. Your tournament can wait."

Reward Dialogue


You enter the arena. You will fight 5 monsters/NPC's, one at a time. After defeating all 5, you will face Magni the Bison. After defeating Magni you can redo this quest.

Tactics on how to beat the quest are given at Guide to defeating Magni the Bison.

If all else fails, learn You Move Like a Dwarf and keep Magni the Bison crippled with skills and/or Slow him down with hexes. Eventually if you stay alive long enough, the match will end; and you will gain a Decisive Victory.


You will face a random selection of competitors for the first 5 rounds.

Round 1

(5 Norn reputation points)

Round 2

(10 Norn reputation points)

Round 3

(15 Norn reputation points)

Round 4

(20 Norn reputation points)

Round 5

(25 Norn reputation points)

Round 6

Round 6 (2nd Quest-Tier)


  • See also The Norn Fighting Tournament.
  • Ritualist attack spirit builds with Painful Bond work well. Cast spirits on threshold of arena before entering. Opponents will kindly wait for you to set foot into the arena before they attack.
  • Using a speed boost like Flame Djinn's Haste in combination with the Norn-Skill "You Move Like a Dwarf!" makes the last fight easier: as soon as the door opens, activate the speed boost and run towards Bison. If you activate "You Move Like a Dwarf!" as soon as you are within earshot you can interrupt him while he is casting his bear form, making the match a lot easier.


This quest is more than likely a reference to Street Fighter 2, as Magni the Bison closely matches the end game boss, M. Bison.[1] Round One: Fight! is also a reference to a phrase in both the Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat series, as you begin the first round of battle. Other fighting games use this phrase as well. Several phrases used by the spectators when fighting Magni reference various fighting games themselves: "Magni is the king of fighters", "This is the final fight", "<player name> might make it out of this fight... but dead, or alive?"