Sanctum Cay
Sanctum Cay.jpg
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Mission location
Part of: Kryta
Stingray Strand

For information on the mission, see Sanctum Cay (mission).


This beautiful harbor is a favorite landing for cargo ships traveling to Kryta from the nation of Cantha. To the southeast lie the ruins of an ancient monastery said to have been the first to teach the art of Smiting Prayers, making the transformation for Krytan Monks from passive healers to aggressive defenders of the land.

Getting there

Complete the Riverside Province mission.

Alternatively, exit from Fishermen's Haven and travel to the southeastern end.




  • If you look past the Xunlai Agent you can see the reflection of a tree, yet there is no visible tree on the opposite side of the water. However, it cannot be seen on lower resolutions.
  • Sanctum Cay is a very popular end destination for runs, usually sought by players wishing to achieve Ascension earlier in their leveling. Sanctum Cay runners are most often found in Lion's Arch.
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