Scout Ahktum
Scout Ahktum
Species: Ghost
Profession: Ranger
Level(s): 20


Scout Ahktum is a member of The Oddbodies, a group of misfits among the forces of Forgotten fighting Abaddon in the Realm of Torment. Ahktum is a ghost, but in life he was a member of the Order of the Sunspears. He was sent by spearmarshal Kormir as a messenger to Kourna prior to the assault on Gandara. When war was declared, the Kournans brutally murdered him. He holds a very pessimistic outlook on events after being rewarded for his service to the Sunspears with murder, then being cast into the Realm of Torment.

Quests Involved In


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"I was a devout man who followed the Five True Gods. I did my best to serve Elona. I went into Fahranur, the First City, on Kormir's orders. Look at what my devotion and my service won me... an eternity of torment!"
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