Seacrash, Elder Guardian
Seacrash, Elder Guardian
Species: Plant
Profession: Elementalist
Level(s): 28 (30)
Seacrash Elder Guardian location
Location in Maishang Hills


Seacrash, Elder Guardian can be found standing amidst a group of Rot Wallows and an Island Guardian. The usual circling group of 3 Rot Wallows common to all Island Guardian groups are also present. Seacrash is not actually part of the mob and can be pulled away, allowing it to be killed without needing to deal with the surrounding mob.

Very near this are are two groups of Naga. Ssaresh Rattler is in the southern group. As players approach, the two groups will move to join up. If you run past them quickly before they join up, you can skip fighting them. Their meeting point is very close to Seacrash and the mobs around it. The Rot Wallows and the Nagas almost always end up fighting, with the Rot Wallows usually emerging victorious due to the healing and damage support from the Island Guardian and Seacrash.


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