Everyone has a "primary" account - it's usually the one you started playing Guild Wars on, has your main characters, and the best skills unlocked and highest rated titles.

Many players also get secondary accounts. A common motivation is to extend storage space and acquire new character slots cheaply:

  • buying a campaign gets you 4 charater slots, and nowadays you can get the trilogy and EotN for less than it costs to get 8 character slots
  • you get an extra Zaishen Chest
  • You can use bags on the unused characters to store even more than the chest, making them mules

The disadvantage is that you need two computers to have your primary account with the secondary, or a multilaunch tool such as KSmod.

Another way to acquire extra accounts is to get them as gifts from friends who have stopped playing the game, even if it's not strictly in line with ArenaNet's terms of use.

A secondary account is off your friends' list and off your Guild roster: this can be both a disadvantage or an advantage, depending on the nature of the player.

A secondary account allows a player to start the game afresh: a PvE player would experience the game afresh, while a PvP player could build a new "career" (is there a PvP player who has ever done this?).

Having a secondary account can help to acquire the Legendary Defender of Ascalon more efficiently.

Three or more accounts

There is a sentiment:

"Two accounts is optimal, then just get extra slots."

Most of the above argument for and against secondary accounts apply to tertiary (and quaternary etc.) accounts in the same manner. What's different?

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