Necromancers have some of the most powerful spells, with the longest recharge and highest energy cost.

Always remember, when choosing secondary skills, that native skills often have better synergy with the profession's purpose, interact better with the profession's other skills, and benefit from runes.


  • During PvP many necros will often use a shield for defensive bonuses from mods. Consider the skill Shield Bash when using this tactic.
  • In PvP, several Warrior stances can be useful for blocking.



  • The 55hp solo Necromancer is a very effective farming tactic.
  • Minion Masters sometimes use Heal Area as a non-necromancer alternative minion maintenance skill, although this split can draw points from other necromancer attributes where it would be more useful.
  • Dwayna's Sorrow can be used by a minion master to give party supportive healing.
  • A reusable resurrection skill can be useful in PvE.





  • A Necromancer can function as a healer using Restoration Magic, managing energy with the Soul Reaping bonus.
  • A reusable resurrection skill is useful.
  • The Ritualist's spirit conjuring abilities can complement a Necromancer's Death Magic skill usefully for minion masters, providing blanket effects over all of their undead.


  • A minion master can use "Fall Back!" to heal his army on the move and "Go for the Eyes!" to increase minion damage, however these are among the few shouts which affect minions.


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