• Mending Touch can be useful for removing conditions
  • The Monk secondary profession opens up several useful Resurrection skills, for use in PvE.
  • Balthazar's Spirit is a maintained enchantment that can be cast on yourself for good adrenaline and energy gain if you are able to draw the attention of many foes.


  • Plague Touch offers reasonable condition removal, considering that warriors should already be adjacent to their targets, as well as combining with the self-inflicted Daze from Headbutt.



  • Shock can be used as a snare and interrupt, however exhaustion will certainly be felt with a Warrior's low energy pool.
  • Grasping Earth can be used as an AoE snare to keep groups of enemies from kiting as efficiently.
  • The conjure skills, such as Conjure Lightning can provide additional damage when wielding an elemental weapon for a very small investment of attribute points.


  • Signet of Malice can provide free condition removal.
  • Death's Charge is useful for closing distance in battle, but take care not to outrun your party's support.
  • Warrior's Endurance can be used with Dagger skills. With a Zealous Dagger, each hit will return 4 energy.




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