Sergeant Weststar
Sergeant Weststar
Species: Human
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 20


Sergeant Weststar is a member of the Ebon Vanguard and leader of a unit consisting of Chance Redding, Jenn Valefield and Brave Brent Poltroon. In Falling Out the players will discover their fate.

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"Plan. Execute. Repeat as necessary."


  • Sergeant Weststar: "At attention, troops! Intelligence reports that Rake Blazeclaw, one of the Charr's leaders, has been sighted fleeing to the southeast and attempting to rally Charr forces there."
  • Sergeant Weststar: "This is our opportunity to strike. Removing Blazeclaw from the equation presents us with one less formidible foe, while sowing further confusion within the Charr's ranks."
  • Sergeant Weststar: "Chance, you will be on point for this mission. We will be counting on your blade to see us through when we catch up to Blazeclaw."
  • Chance Redding: "I already have the perfect plan: find the Charr, and then stab him!"
  • Sergeant Weststar: "Chance, the gods favor some with brains and brawn. You are not one of those so blessed. Planning will be handled by our tactical officer, Jenn Valefield."
  • Sergeant Weststar: "Undoubtedly, this will be no simple pursuit. The Charr will have traps waiting for us. Another reason to have Jenn in our company: she's...heh heh...disarmingly adept at disabling traps."
  • Jenn Valefield: "That's still funny, sir."
  • Sergeant Weststar: "Lastly, on rear guard, we have...Brent Poltroon. He is here because I have no other men at my disposal."
  • Brave Brent Poltroon: "How many times do I gotta tell you, it's BRAVE Brent Poltroon. I mean, ready to guard your rear, sir!"
  • Sergeant Weststar: "Yes. Well. Be that as it may, please try not to abandon our unit and run away this time."
  • Brave Brent Poltroon: "The rearguard is a most dangerous task! They always take out the guy in the rear first! You said that's why you put me there!"
  • Sergeant Weststar: "I said no such thing. Everyone, make yourselves ready. This will be our last chance to gather what supplies we can before setting off in pursuit. Move out!"



  • He appears to be a Vael look-alike except that he's wearing a sword and shield instead of daggers due to his profession.
  • The group comprised is similar to characters in the game Resident Evil, With Chance Redding as Chris Redfield, Jenn Valefield as Jill Valentine and Sergent Weststar as Wesker.
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