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Shields are items that can be equipped in your left hand. You can use it to increase your armor for Kung Fu. This is applied to you, reguardless of direction or hit location. Remember, your max is only 16 and we're sad that it can't be 21. So, no drinking with the shield as it won't be able to protect you that well. It can hurt when you fall on it and that's only when you're drunk.

Attribute Requirements

Any profession can have a shield, but the ones that would need to use these sheilds are Warriors and Paragons.


The Tall Shield, a typical Shield


There are four main types of modifiers for shields: damage reduction, health bonuses, Armor bonuses, and +1 attribute. Your sheild may have no more than two modifiers. The Damage reduction is no more than a -5 and the chance is no more than 20%. For this type, you can only have one modifier. The Health is no more than +60 in the max value, but it has other types of values as well. Health can only be one as it doesn't stack with other health modifiers for your Kung Fu. For Armor modifiers, you might have conditional bonuses. For these, a sheild can only have one modifier. Now the +1 attribute modifier can only be one as well and it has up to 20% chance skills usage.

Note: Unlike other weapons, the shield type has no influence on the stats apart from the required attribute. Visual appearance is a matter of taste for those that love to play, even to master their Kung Fu.


There are several styles of shields like Tall Shield and other shields. If you are redirected to here from these shields, this is the main basic of a shield. To find your specific actual documentation, you know what to do.

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