Shing Jea Arena
Shing Jea Arena
Basic Info
Campaign: Factions
Type: Arena
Part of: Shing Jea Island
Shing Jea Monastery


By longstanding tradition, full-scale arena combat is prohibited on the rural island of Shing Jea, out of reverence for the monastery of the same name. Yet those who study at the monastery require a place to train in such arts. The solution? Shing Jea Arena, located on the tiny island of Tinnairukan south of the larger landmass...close enough to train, but separated from Shing Jea Island itself.

Getting There

Talk to Bauyun the arena guard in Shing Jea Monastery.


The following applies for this arena (but not for this map when it comes up in Random Arenas):

  • Max. Level: 10
  • Team Size: 4
  • Teams: Random
  • Elite skills disabled


  • There is a dog behind the gate to the large building in the gathering area of the arena. The dog appears to be a Pug which is an obvious play on PUG, the common abbreviation used for Pick Up Group. This is likely an "easter-egg" put in by the programmers or artists. The pug is also a dog favored by the Chinese, which fits with Factions' Oriental theme.
  • Both inside and outside of the arena count towards the Cartographer titles, though there is enough leeway for it not to matter if Shing Jea Arena has never been visited by a player.
  • The smoke pots, if you inspect them closely, spew Chinese characters.
Bug Bug! To the left of where you spawn there is a small alcove, which if stood in, prevents any melee or projectile damage, e.g. Flare, Sword attacks, Arrows, etc. However, this does not offer any protection from direct damage, e.g. Energy Burn.
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