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Shing Jea Monastery
Shing Jea Monastery.jpg
Basic Info
Campaign: Factions
Type: Town
Part of: Shing Jea Island
Monastery Overlook, Sunqua Vale,
Linnok Courtyard


As the ancient Canthan name implies, Shing Jea is the jewel of Cantha. Headed by the legendary Ritualist, Master Togo, the monastery provides training to students of all heroic professions, including the Ritualist and Assassin professions native to Cantha. Graduates of Shing Jea Monastery are recognized worldwide as masters of their chosen arts.

Located in the southern parts of Shing Jea Island, Shing Jea Monastery is the most prestigious center of learning in Cantha. Under the directions of Master Togo, eight Headmasters oversee training of students in their respective professions. The actual training is often conducted by other instructors or senior students of the monastery.

Due to an edict by Emperor Kisu, the Monastery currently does not accept foreign (from outside the Canthan political influence) students. Mhenlo, of Tyria, finished his studies here five years ago (1577 CC), and was among the last foreign students of the monastery before the imperial edict.

Getting there

Factions Campaign characters can enter the Monastery after finishing (or skipping) the introductory tutorial. The Monastery is to the northwest from their starting location in the Monastery Overlook.

Characters of other campaigns must travel west from Seitung Harbor, through Saoshang Trail and Linnok Courtyard.




Shing Jea Monastery


  • There are numerous Tablets of Wisdom scattered throughout the monastery.
  • The Dragon Festival, the Shing Jea Boardwalk and the Canthan New Year events have been hosted in Shing Jea Monastery.
  • Shing Jea Monastery is ~.4% of the Canthan map, the Boardwalk another 0.4% on top of that.
  • Running into the wall to the right of the Tablet of Adrenaline will cause you to teleport to the instructor area.