A Shutdown Mesmer is a Mesmer who focuses on stopping (or shutting down) enemy classes through careful use of energy draining skills, interrupts, self-damage spells and skill-denial.

Primary Methods

Shutdown Mesmers utilize four major tactics:

Other Skills

Any skill that will help you disable your enemy can be considered as helpful in this role. these include:


Shutdown Mesmers aim to weaken or damage a foe's main purpose, i.e interrupting important skills or preventing them from attacking.

Different professions can be shut down in different ways:

  • Slowing a Melee-type class down can render them almost useless, while slowing down a Ranged- or Caster-type class does little to hinder them.
  • Using Backfire on an unsuspecting Caster-type class may kill them outright or stop them from casting temporarily, while using this on a Melee-type class will have little-to-no effect on them.


  • Shutdown Mesmers are extremely efficient against certain types of enemies, but are largely useless against any other type of foe.
  • Usage of interrupts requires quick reflexes, good timing and extensive knowledge of other classes skills and abilities.

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