Skill details
Signet of Humility
Signet of Humility
Campaign: Core Mesmer-icon
Profession: Mesmer
Attribute: Inspiration Magic
Type: Signet
        3 Activation 20 Recharge

Full: Target foe's elite skill is disabled for 1...13 seconds. Your non-Mesmer skills are disabled for 10 seconds.

Concise: Disables elite skill (1...13 seconds). Disables your non-Mesmer skills (10 seconds).

Inspiration Magic 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Duration 123456789101112 13141516171819202122


Skill Trainers:

Hero Skill Trainers:


  • When used with Mantra of Inscriptions at 13 Inspiration Magic, you can keep a foe's elite skill disabled permanently.
  • In PvE, this skill works well to disable monster's elites since you know what skill they will bring; additionally, since many monsters don't have a full skill bar, this will often disable a key skill. In PvP, most elites play a key part in people's builds, and disabling them will often cripple them.
Anomaly Anomaly! If the target has more than one elite skill in their bar, for example from Arcane Mimicry or from a capture, this signet will disable multiple elites. Some PvE foes also use multiple elite skills, making this skill effectively shutdown two skills at once.
Anomaly Anomaly! When used on an invalid target, the message displayed is "Invalid spell target.", even though this is a signet, not a spell.


  • Signet of Humility uses the same activation symbol as Fast Casting and no attribute Mesmer spells rather than the standard signet activation symbol.

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