Skill details
Signet of Illusions
Signet of Illusions
Campaign: Nightfall Mesmer-icon
Profession: Mesmer
Attribute: Illusion Magic
Type: Elite Signet
        2 Activation 5 Recharge

Full: Your next 1...3 spells use your Illusion attribute instead of their normal attribute.

Concise: Your next 1...3 spells use your Illusion attribute instead of their normal attributes.

Illusion Magic 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Spells 111122222222 3333333444


Signet of Capture:


  • This allows one to effectively use spells from their secondary profession's primary attribute (e.g., Divine Favor on a Mesmer/Monk).
  • Be careful when designing builds that focus on the usage of this skill. If such builds include high attributes to Illusion Magic, while using skills that would otherwise have little or no attributes linked to them, then skills such as Diversion, Ignorance and Icy Prism could render the entire build ineffective.
  • Useful with spell-acquiring skills such as Arcane Mimicry, Arcane Thievery, Inspired Hex, Inspired Enchantment, etc.
  • Enchantments which "renew" themselves, such as Kinetic Armor, will retain the boosted attribute rank each time.
  • Spells cast under the effect of Signet of Illusions are not automatically counted as Illusion Magic spells (e.g. in regard to Power Block, Mantra of Persistence, etc).
  • Unlike most skills that come into effect the next time something happens, this does not time out if it doesn't take effect within some time limit. Once activated, it will remain in effect until you next cast a spell, however long that takes.
Anomaly Anomaly! Mantra of Inscriptions will not reduce the recharge time of Signet of Illusions beyond 4 seconds.
Anomaly Anomaly! While Signet of Illusions is active and a percentage-based +1 attribute effect triggers (such as those from Staff Wrappings of Mastery, or "Master of My Domain" Inscriptions), the +1 will not affect spells of any attribute, including Illusion Magic.
Anomaly Anomaly! Although they are not technically linked to attributes, Signet of Illusions will work with spells linked to the Sunspear rank and Allegiance rank title tracks. With 16 Illusion Magic, the spell will activate at a higher level than would normally be possible with maximum title rank.
Illusion magic 012345678910111213141516
Effective pve title rank1 01*23*45*67*89>=9=<1010<
  1. Asterisks indicate that the green numbers fall between those of two title track ranks.


  • Signet of Illusions was an old skill in the prophecies betas [1].
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