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Disambiguous.png This article is about the skill type "Skill". For skills in general, see Skill. For a list of other skill types, see Skill type.

Skill is the root skill type. Similar to how all enchantments are spells, everything in your Skill Bar is a skill. Since "skill" is the most general type, only effects that mention "skills" (as opposed to any other, more specific type) will affect basic skills. Conversely, something that affects things with skill type "skill" will affect any skill.

For a list of all skills of type skill, see Category:Skills by type.

The following skills interact with basic skills without any other skill type:

  • Berserker Stance Berserker Stance: increases attack speed and adrenaline gain, ends prematurely if a skill is used
  • Bonetti's Defense Bonetti's Defense: blocks attacks, gives energy on successful melee attack blocking, ends on skill use
  • Bull's Charge Bull's Charge: increases movement speed and gives melee attacks a knockdown effect, ends on skill use
  • Charging Strike Charging Strike: increases movement speed until next attack, increases damage of next attack, ends on skill use
  • Cry of Frustration Cry of Frustration: If target foe is using a skill, that foe and all foes in the area are interrupted and take damage
  • Defensive Stance Defensive Stance: increases armor and blocks attacks, ends on skill use
  • Disciplined Stance Disciplined Stance: increases armor and blocks attacks, ends on adrenaral skill use
  • Dwarven Battle Stance Dwarven Battle Stance: increase attack speed, gives hammer attacks an interrupt attack, ends on skill use
  • Feigned Neutrality Feigned Neutrality: provides armor and regeneration until the next skill is used
  • Song of Concentration Song of Concentration: the next skill used by each ally within earshot cannot be interrupted
  • Song of Power Song of Power: each ally within earshot gains 4 energy regeneration until that ally uses a skill
  • Song of Purification Song of Purification: each party member within earshot loses 1 Condition the next # times they use a skill
  • Song of Restoration Song of Restoration: each party member within earshot is healed the next time they use a skill
  • Spiteful Spirit Spiteful Spirit: inflicts area shadow damage whenever the target uses a skill
  • Visions of Regret Visions of Regret: target foe and adjacent foes take damage whenever they use a skill.
  • Wary Stance Wary Stance: blocks attack skills, provides adrenaline and energy on successful blocks, ends on skill use