Skill Hunter is a title that can be displayed for prestige.

Skill Hunter title track

Each continent's respective title includes the core elite skills and all elite skills from that continent.

Title1 Campaign Elite skills captured2
Tyrian Elite Skill Hunter Prophecies 90
Canthan Elite Skill Hunter Factions 120
Elonian Elite Skill Hunter Nightfall 1403
1 The titles listed above are all individual and independent title tracks, with only one level each.
2 Core elite skills count for all three title tracks, regardless of which campaign they were captured in. This means that the total number of elite skills is 290, not 350.
3 Junundu Siege does not count towards the title track.


  • The Skill Hunter titles each contribute to the Legendary Skill Hunter title.
  • Four elite skills cannot be used in PvP: Junundu Siege, Raven Blessing, Ursan Blessing and Volfen Blessing.
  • To capture all 290 elites in the game, you need to independently earn 194 skill points (you will earn the remaining 96 points through capping alone).
  • Expect to spend about 288Platinum to buy the required Signets of Capture (each character will likely earn two SoCs from quests).
  • Elite Tomes can help you reach the title more quickly on multiple characters. However, this time savings comes at considerable expense: Elite tomes generally cost 3–8Platinum, depending on the market rates for the particular profession.
    • Jessie Llam sells elite tomes for 2Gold Zaishen Coin and 100Gold each, for a total cost of 290,000Copper Zaishen Coin and 116Platinum for all elite skills.
  • To capture the Ritualist and Assassin skills in Nightfall (to complete the Elonian title), you must also own a copy of Factions.

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