Skill point

Skill points are used to buy skills from skill trainers. Each skill costs one skill point and a certain amount of money. The first skill purchased costs 50 Gold.png, and the price increases gradually up to a cap of 1 Platinum.png on the 20th skill.

The total number of unredeemed skill points is listed in the hero panel.

Acquiring skill points

A character acquires skill points in the following ways:

Number of skill points

Although 261 skill points can be earned from missions and quests, the maximum a single character can earn (from them) depends on their starting Campaign: Prophecies: 253 points, Factions: 252 points, and Nightfall: 244 points.

  • Missions
    • 25 in Prophecies (1 point awarded for each of 25 missions; the first eight missions only award skill points to Prophecies characters)
    • 39 in Factions (1 point awarded for each level of completion on each of 13 missions; the first two missions only award skill points to Factions characters)
    • 60 in Nightfall (1 point awarded for each level of completion on each of 20 missions)
    • 124 from repeating all missions in Hard Mode

You can also earn unlimited skill points through gaining experience.

  • Gaining Character Levels: 19 points = 1 point per Level through the level cap of 20;
  • Gaining XP: 1 point per 15,000 xp, after reaching level 20;
  • Using a Star of Transference allows you to Trade skill points with another player or character.


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