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{{DisambigMsg|the Skree Hatchling rangers encountered during [[Skree Hatchling Season]] and [[Destroy the Harpies]]|the Skree monks encountered in Istan|Skree Hatchling}}
{{BeastInfo | name = Skree Hatchling
| image = [[Image:Skree_Hatchling_%28Vabbian%29_lvl_2_%28330px%29.jpg|150px]]
| species = [[Harpy]]
| prof = [[Ranger]]
| icon = [[Image:Ranger-icon.png]]
| level = 2}}
As the name suggests, the Skree Hatchling is of diminutive stature.
**[[Cliffs of Dohjok]] (only during [[Skree Hatchling Season]])
**[[Wilderness of Bahdza]] (before completing [[Destroy the Harpies]])
==Skills used==
*{{Skill icon|Read the Wind}}
==Items dropped==
*[[Fledgling Skree Wing]]
*Only present before completing [[Destroy the Harpies]].
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[[Category:Harpies]] [[Category:Rangers]]

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macros saw it coming

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