Sorrow's Furnace
Sorrow's Furnace
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Sorrow's Furnace (region)
Grenth's Footprint
Sorrow's Furnace part
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General Information

Area Name: Sorrow's Furnace

Region: Southern Shiverpeaks

Sorrow's Furnace is an explorable area beneath the Shiverpeak Mountains. The area contains the mining operations of the Stone Summit and is overrun with foes not seen elsewhere in the Prophecies campaign. The entrance is found deep in the chasm of Grenth's Footprint; almost directly north of Deldrimor War Camp. It bears similarities with The Underworld and The Fissure of Woe, although without any entry prerequisites.

High Priest Alkar suggests that the Furnace used to be under Deldrimor control.

Tip: One of the best ways to explore this area is to take the Summit Slaves subquest of To Sorrow's Furnace, which will allow you to move about the zone more freely. As most of the inhabitants will no longer be hostile, you can take your time learning the area's layout, placement of bosses and patrols, and how to operate the Gearboxes.

Exits to Neighbor Areas

Outposts & Cities

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Sorrow's Furnace

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Way from Deldrimor-War-Camp to Sorrows-Furnace

How to get from Deldrimor War Camp (nearest outpost) to Sorrow's Furnace

The following quests start in Sorrow's Furnace:

(Note: the Recharge icon indicates a repeatable quest.)

Sorrow's Furnace

Part of To Sorrow's Furnace:

Part of The Final Assault:

Not part of other quests:



The great furnace deep inside Sorrow's Furnace


Sorrow's Furnace Boss Locations


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