Sparkfly Swamp
Sparkfly Swamp
Basic Info
Campaign: Eye of the North
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Tarnished Coast
Gadd's Encampment,
Bogroot Growths
Sparkfly Swamp Map
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General Description

Sparkfly Swamp is an explorable area at the foot of the Southern Shiverpeaks. It is part of the Tarnished Coast.


Towns and Outposts







Saidra's Ashes


Sparkfly Swamp


  • The NPCs Giriff and Tekks appear to be references to the Red Vs Blue characters, Grif and Tex. The quests they offer concern two teams, Red and Yellow.
  • As this zone is considered part of the Tarnished Coast, you will enjoy the benefit of Edification if you display the proper title.
  • If you plan on clearing this area for Asura point farming, try doing it with the quest Frogstomp activated. This will add Hayda, a level 20 paragon, to your party.
  • The official map is wrong; the actual outpost is far more south.
  • There are approximately 260-327 creatures in this area, quests not included, for the purpose of Asura faction points farming. The total can be as high as 344 with quests.
  • Beware of environmental effect in the swamp that will poison players with AoE. The poison can be discerned as green-yellow smoke.
  • North of the Bloodstone Caves, around the beginning of the forest, in the raining part, on the wall to the right there is a big face carved in stone. The face's eyes follow your camera wherever it goes.
  • Saidra's Ashes can be found north in the swamp area. While holding it, you are under the effects of Courageous Was Saidra. It automatically drops from your hand after 300 seconds.
  • Near Saidra's Ashes, there is an island chain on the coast with a face in the stone waterfall, the eyes will follow your movement.
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