Spawning Wand
Spawning Wand
Spawning Wand 2
Weapon details
Linked attribute(s):Spawning Power
Damage type(s):Cold damage
Earth damage
Fire damage
Lightning damage
PvP reward type: Basic (unknown skin and damage type)
Common:Iron Ingots
Wood Planks
Rare:Steel Ingots
Spiritwood Planks


Spawning Wands are a type of wand for Ritualists that use Spawning Power. There are two types of Spawning Wands. One is curved with a triangular head and the other version is straight with a leaf-like head.

This is a Factions Campaign and Eye of the North item.


Spawning Wands are dropped as loot from most Ritualist mobs.


  • Dye details for the curved version to be added.
  • With the leaf version, dye only affects the wrappings around the handle. It is dyed yellow by default.

Uniques with this appearance

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