1. Speak with Headmaster Quin in the Shing Jea Monastery.

Obtained from

Master Togo in Linnok Courtyard.


An Audience with Master Togo



"If you are interested in taking the Ritualist profession as your secondary field of study, then you will need to speak with Headmaster Quin."
"Quin is an old friend of mine. She can be a bit pompous at times, but she is an accomplished Ritualist and a great teacher. You will learn much from her. Seek her out in the Shing Jea Monastery"

Reward Dialogue

"I am never surprised when a student chooses to become a Ritualist. Our profession is superior to all others. If you are ready to train with me, I will teach you to create wonderful things out of nothing at all. But do not waste my time or yours: consider your decision carefully."


Locate Professor Gai


Head back to Shing Jea Monastery and find Headmaster Quin in the small courtyard with all the other headmasters. Talk to her to complete this quest.

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