Effect details
Spear of Archemorus
Spear of Archemorus Level 1
Campaign: Factions
Type: Bundle effect
Bundle: Spear of Archemorus

The Spear of Archemorus is powered by the souls of those dying within its radius. Dropping it will cause Archemorus to deal 10...235 damage to any enemy within the spear's danger zone.


Level 1 2 3 4 5
Damage 10 25 55 115 235
Icon Spear of Archemorus Level 1 Spear of Archemorus Level 2 Spear of Archemorus Level 3 Spear of Archemorus Level 4 Spear of Archemorus Level 5


Archemorus risen

The spirit of Archemorus

  • The damaging effect of the spear is greatly magnified against the kraken Zhu Hanuku and does 1900 damage against this creature when fully charged.
  • The "danger zone" of the spear is equivalent to nearby range.
  • The spear does not need to be held to acquire a charge, although it is easier to charge the spear if it is held and mobile.
  • If the spear charges fully while on the ground, it will discharge on it's own if any enemies enter it's range.
  • When the Spear of Archemorus reaches its final level, its name changes to Supreme Spear of Archemorus.
  • If the Spear of Archemorus is dropped, it loses its charge. To make sure it completely charges, it is recommended that a spell caster holds the spear as casters generally do not need to use attacks to be effective. The spear would particularly benefit a Ritualist, since it emulates the ashes of an Item Spell, which give bonuses to several Ritualist skills like Soothing Memories.
  • Minions who die near the spear will charge it, but spirits will not.
  • The Level 2 effect is missing the initial "The" in both the full and concise descriptions.

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