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Spearhead Peak
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Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Southern Shiverpeaks
Grenth's Footprint, The Granite Citadel,
Copperhammer Mines
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General Information

Area Name: Spearhead Peak
Region: Shiverpeak Mountains

General Description:
This cold harsh area features a giant mountain peak in the center and two ways going around it. The eastern way features more Stone Summit foes while the western way has more wild foes such as Ice Imps, Siege Ice Golems and Pinesouls. When the two roads meet again near Granite Citadel, there will be a very large contingent of Stone Summit forces, although rarely a larger force of friendly Deldrimor dwarves will be in front of the warp instead. The western path also provides one of the two entry points into Grenth's Footprint.

Exits / Neighbour Areas

Outposts & Cities






  • Black Bear
  • Wolves - Elder Wolves, located around the "Peak" in "Spearhead Peak" on the map.


  • Be careful when taking the eastern route, as the Stone Summit patrols may catch adventurers mid-battle.
  • Taking the western route, a pair of ice golem bosses awaits.
  • For those trying to reach Granite Citadel, the large group of Stone Summit awaits at the intersection at the north. However, being the last group before reaching the Citadel, one member may break away from the fray to attempt to run the last portion.
  • An alternative way to reach Granite Citadel is entering from Grenth's Footprint and getting yourself killed - respawning at the shrine next to the Citadel.
  • Elder Wolves are one of the few pets available at level 15 fully evolved, and are only found in Spearhead peak. They are charmed quickly by the Stone Summit Rangers in the area, so charming them requires a degree of luck.

Hard Mode

Spearhead Peak vanquished