The story of Nightfall follows James the wee cat, so named for his small size and origin of Scotland. James must eat at least ten berries before he can become a squirrel, and the twist just keep coming - just when you think he's about to eat the last berry a naughty fish leaps from the water screaming 'MY BERRY' and you have to track the fish down underwater! Everyone knows cats don't like water too much, so this is a particularly complicated part of the game and is about as far as most people have been able to progress through this involving and epic tale.

However, there is more! For if you do manage to hit the pesky fish with a paintbrush found in the deep caverns of poo you will discover that James is not a cat at all, but a bat with four legs, no wings and a longer tail with a slightly lower in tone screech much resembling a meow!!!!! INCREDIBLE