Stygians are the demonic offspring of the Dreadspawn Maw. They resemble collosal versions of undead minions. Only Stygian Golems are fleshy creatures.

Region Type Collectable Drop
Domain of Anguish Warrior-icon-small28 Stygian Brute
Warrior-icon-small28 Stygian Horror
Ranger-icon-small28 Stygian Fiend
Necromancer-icon-small28 Stygian Hunger
Dervish-icon-small28 Stygian Golem1
  1. These Stygians are confirmed to be fleshy creatures


"Stygian" is a Latin adjective derived from Greek "Styx", which is the name of the river which forms the boundary around the Underworld of Greek mythology.

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