A summoning stone is a special kind of item that allows you to summon an ally while in an explorable area. The summoned ally's level is the same as that of the character who summoned it, and only one summoned ally can be present in an instance at a time.

Except for the Igneous Summoning Stone, all summoning stones are single-use, and the summoned creature has a 30-minute lifespan. The Igneous Summoning Stone has unlimited uses and the summoned Imp has a 60-minute lifespan, but it cannot be used by level 20 characters.

Using a summoning stone will place the Summoning Sickness effect on your character. This effect has a 60 minute duration and prevents you from using any other summoning stones. Like most effects, Summoning Sickness is removed when you zone.

The summoned creature disappears leaving no corpse when it dies or expires, their summoner leaves the party or the whole party zones into another area.




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