Disambiguous This article is about the item named Fiery Sunspear of Shelter. For the order of the same name, see Order of the Sunspears.
Sunspear (weapon)
Fiery Sunspear of Shelter
Weapon details
Linked attribute(s):Spear Mastery
Damage type(s):Fire damage

Item Stats

Fiery Sunspear of Shelter

This is a Pre-order item, and is automatically customized.


En paragon

From the official website

This spear is only available to owners of the Guild Wars Nightfall Prerelease Bonus Pack, as a Fiery Sunspear of Shelter.

"The Fiery Sunspear of Shelter is the iconic weapon of the Order of the Sunspears and consists of a tempered steel head and a long Mebahya-wood shaft, gripped at the midpoint. Behind the head, a flattened sunburst disk increases stability in flight, as does the riverhorse-bristle fletching on the butt of the weapon. Deadly in the hands of a skilled individual, the Sunspear was first used as a weapon by the early Order of the Sunspears in Istan and remains a traditional weapon of that Elonian province."

Note: While an official promotional image official sources claim +15% Damage while in a Stance, it in fact provides a +5 energy bonus as seen from the in-game description.

Note: For owners of the nightfall preorder package, use /bonus in any town/outpost to access these items.

Dye Effects

This weapon cannot be dyed.


  • This item is always customized for the character that the /bonus command was used with. However, this command can be reused on each of your characters, consistently respawning the weapon. Any new mods added to this weapon cannot be salvaged.
  • Although the weapon is customized for the character, heroes can still use it. When using the /bonus command while a hero has it equipped, it creates a second item in the character's inventory that can be used normally.

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