Sunspear armor is an armor art in the Nightfall campaign, with both standard and elite versions available. It is available for all core and Nightfall professions. The ritualists and assassins that visit are jealous, but then they know they're true illegals and don't deserve any armor here. Though, they help fight and win in areas against notorious foes.

Standard Sunspear armor

Standard Sunspear armor can be crafted in several places throughout Istan and in the Command Post. Some require more material and money than others, because they make the armor to the level that you may be or that may help you out the best.

The lowest level get the lowest armor, midways (not level 20) level get the armor that's not too low or too high, and the players with the highest level gets the highest armor and can have a choice between standard and elite. The elite is for those that want to feel "special" for all of their chaotic killings.

Lowest Level armor maker is Mehinu, midways armor maker is Pasu and then for a little bit of an upgrade is Sulee. The max armors are done by Vatundo and Burreh.


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Elite Sunspear armor

Elite Sunspear armor can only be crafted by Ahamid in the Command Post after completing the quest Building the Base: Prisoners of War. As he's not there before hand, due to being a prisoner and all. Show your stuff or get your mob on and get him, if you want your armor.


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Hero Sunspear armor

Certain heroes can have their armor upgraded to Sunspear armor with a Stolen Sunspear Armor from the Dajkah Inlet challenge mission. You have to "steal" the armor, for them to be stylish.

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