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Disambiguous.png This article is about the title. For the Survivor Insignia armor upgrade, see Insignia.

Survivor is a title that you can display for prestige. It is awarded per character.

Survivor title track

To gain the following titles, one must obtain the experience required without dying, progression can be checked with (check with /deaths). Once the title is earned, it will not be lost upon death. However, your progression towards the next title halts once you die.

Rank Title Experience gained without dying Note
1 Survivor 140,600 level 20
2 Indomitable Survivor 587,500 ~ "level" 50
3 Legendary Survivor 1,337,500 ~ "level" 100


Progress towards Survivor only resets when the /deaths counter is increased. All normal deaths in both PvE and PvP add to this counter; most forced deaths do not. (However, some scripted deaths during cutscenes have been bugged in the past and have spoiled survivor titles. The Survivor title track begins appearing in the title window (default key: H) at level 5 and disappears forever for characters that die before L20.


  • This title is sometimes regarded as the second "Lucky" title, as deaths caused by lag are common, uncontrollable by the player, and halt title progression.
  • Survivor candidates are not always welcome in PUGs, since players striving for the Survivor title will exit the game whenever they fear their title is at risk, leaving the team short-handed.
  • For additional information on how to achieve this title and the kinds of "deaths" that won't fail the title, see the Survivor title guide.


  • Because the experience total at the time of the character's first death is permanently displayed on the title, some players intentionally kill the character at a specific point after achieving Legendary Survivor in order to have a "spiffy" or "geeky" number on the title. A couple examples are 1,414,214xp and 1,732,051xp (which are equal to √2·106 and √3·106 respectively, rounded to the nearest integer).

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