Survivor is a title, that you can display for prestige.

It is awarded per character.

Survivor title track

To gain the following titles, you must obtain the experience required and the command /deaths must return a zero. Once the title is earned, it will not be lost upon death. However, your progression towards the next title halts once you die.

Title Experience gained without dying:
Survivor (1) 140,600
Indomitable Survivor (2) 587,500
Legendary Survivor (3)
(Max level)

Note: Deaths caused by failing a mission, /resigning, environment traps (such as the falling blocks in the Jokanur Diggings mission), and being killed in a mission by a forced event (such as the tutorial death on the Shing Jea Island or in tutorial on island in Nightfall) do not count towards this. But PVP deaths DO count. However, experimental evidence shows that exactly which of these deaths do not count depends on which build of the software is running. For example, /resign the weekend that Nightfall shipped did cause an actual death, stopping progress on title. The Vizunah Square cut scene, in the absence of minion attacks, can also cause cut scene deaths evidenced by the build in place on 12/19/2006. Beware any death.

The Survivor title is achieved at level 20. The higher titles are to be gained between just before "levels" 50 and 100, however, the Legendary survivor title is skewed a bit to reflect the "L337-ness" of whoever gets it.

The Survivor title track will show up at level 5 if the character still has zero deaths. If the character dies before achieving the first title (i.e. level 20), the title track disappears. If the character dies after achieving the first title, the track remains, but the track no longer updates.

This title is sometimes regarded as the second "Lucky" title, as deaths by lag are a common halt towards title progression - often entirely out of the player's hands.

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