This was probably the funniest quest I've done recently. Once you trigger Ratsu and run off, he gives you enough time to finish pretty much all the FedEx quests in the area and still have time to run around like an idiot. Watching his movements, Ratsu walks at a ridiculously slow pace (Dolyak Signet/90% slowdown style), and will kill any Canthan Peasants in his way. This makes him take about 20-25 minutes (didn't really check) to get to Saito, whereupon the nearby Canthan Guard killed him without effort (THANK YOU ArenaNet for the removal of evade and allowing me to watch Ratsu die from bleeding!). Saito didn't even have to be worried of THIS famous assassin ROFL.-- 02:34, 10 February 2007 (CST)

I don't get it. This guy is giving children to the Jade Brotherhood, you know the same Jade Brotherhood who has assasins dropping from roofs and slitting peasant's throats, and he finds out that the children actually have parents. Does he want to notify the parents...NO. Does he want to get the children back to the parents...NO. Now the parents think he kidnapped them well DUH I wasn't born yesterday. He did kidnap the child and gave them to murderous cut throats. How do I know he may have made money off this vile deed. Not only that but if the children are still alive I wouldn't be suprised if they become the murderous cut throats that I have been killing since I have arrived in this god forsaken city. Now he want's me to protect his person from the assasin because he is taking children off the streets to give to the Jade Brotherhood... Who writes these quests anyway? I play a necro but even I have some morals.

Woedin Woebringer

Link to Missing Daughter?

It says Saito "rescued" several children and gave them to the Jade Brotherhood, but one of the girl's parents thought he kidnapped her. In Missing Daughter, you find Taojo's kidnapped daughter Aiko, who is with the Jade Brotherhood. Anyone else think that these two quests are related? N Segick 01:43, 9 February 2009 (UTC)

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