If a 55 Monk or Necro can manage to get to this boss alone, it should be able to kill it as it has no self healing. Experience has shown me that even with natural regeneration, bosses cannot survive a 55 forever without some kind of self healing. If the monk uses Healing Breeze, he would have to make sure he does it early enough so that if the boss uses Cry of Frustration he would still have enough time to recast it before it runs out. If the monk uses Shield of Judgment, he should wait until the boss has just used Cry of Frustration to make sure that the shield will not be interupted. The monk would also have to always stack Healing Breeze on top of Protective Spirit, and stay alert enough to renew Healing Breeze if it gets stripped. If Healing Breeze gets stripped and then interupted when you try to recast it, just cast Protective Spirit for a quick heal from Divine Favor then Healing Breeze should be recharged. I have not tried this and it is all only from experience with Stone Summit Heretics. Anyone care to share any additional information? VegaObscura 11:56, 3 January 2007 (CST)

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