Sorry, I accidentally created "Illusion Magic" instead of "Category:Illusion Magic". Now, there is an erroneous entry in the Skills listing. Probably the easiest way to fix this is to delete this entry. I assume that this requires Admin privileges. I don't see how to do this myself.

Firstly, you can just delete all the content on a page if you think it's erroneous, and then the page will show up at the top of Special:Shortpages, and if an admin thinks it should be deleted then it will be, however....
We do tend to have both "Attribute" and "Category:Attribute". One explains what the attribute is and the other groups that attribute's skills together. Also, a page already exists for this attribute under Illusion. I'm not sure whether this is the correct name or not; my manual says "Illusion", the game says "Illusion Magic", so I think it's best we stick with what the game says. I will redirect "Illusion" to "Illusion Magic" which can be done by anyone by typing #REDIRECT[[go to this page instead]]. LordBiro/Talk 17:54, 3 Jun 2005 (EST)

Thanks, I understand the difference between "Attributes" and "Category:Attributes" now. The problem was I created "Illusion Magic" as a "Category:Skills" by mistake. It shows up on the "Category:Skills" page under the "Articles in category 'Skills'" section, between "Ignite Arrows" and "Illusion of Haste". When I realized the mistake I changed "Illusion Magic" to "Attribute-stub" which correctly makes it "Category:Attributes". Then I created "Category:Illusion Magic" which correctly shows up under the "Subcategories" section. However, "Illusion Magic" still shows up on the "Category:Skills" page even though it is now "Category:Attributes". I think this may be because "Category:Attributes" doesn't exist, and the Wiki can't reassign the page membership to a non-existant Category. I hope all that made sense. Aynway, I'll do what you suggested and erase the contents of "Illusion Magic". I wanted to document what happened in case someone else runs into the same problem.

Lack of love

Is it just me or does this catagory have ALOT less spells than the other two?

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