How many L's?

  • Marshall is a first name.
  • Marshal is a rank/positionw

Bump. Can anyone post a screen cap of his name? -PanSola 21:55, 18 February 2006 (CST)

I'll go in there and grab one tonight. Will post here when done. --Rainith 10:10, 19 February 2006 (CST)
While you are at it, cap his dialogue too when he talks about Tasca. I want to see how many L's Tasca got too. (-: -PanSola 11:16, 19 February 2006 (CST)
Here you go: 2Ls
2 Ls for both of them. --Rainith 11:33, 19 February 2006 (CST)
Good job! I think that's probably a typo/mistake by the designers, but we should uphold it, so the debate is solved! (Wish GW had better checking on this stuff... the number of mis-named green items is terrible.) --130.58 11:45, 19 February 2006 (CST)
Warning:Nerd Alert!  :P
Nah, it's more like the Bajorans (sp?) from Star Trek, Marshall is their family name and it goes first. I think there are Asian cultures that have the same thing. --Rainith 11:53, 19 February 2006 (CST)
In this story they write both "Marshall" and "marshal". I guess they don't know it themselves... *rolls eyes* --Eightyfour-onesevenfive 07:09, 25 February 2006 (CST)
In that story, I gathered Tasca's is a marshal whose firstname is Marshall, while Whitman is another marshal. -PanSola 04:08, 26 February 2006 (CST)
I don't understand this whole debate. According to M-W, both spellings of the same concept are valid: here. So, I think it is obviously the rank. To say that Marshall is a first name and Marshal is a rank is incorrect. --Karlos 19:00, 26 February 2006 (CST)
I think the debate makes sense. Marshal(l)s were historically in charge of cavalry regiments. W(h)itman and Tasca seem more like Lewiss and Clark than military personel. — Stabber 19:19, 26 February 2006 (CST)
If you read the lore entry, it leaves no doubt that they are Marshalls (i.e. military guys). Therefore, given that that title can be spelled Marshal or Marshall, I see absolutely no reason to debate whether their first name could also be Marshall. Check the story, it says "two famous Ascalon marshalls" (small M). --Karlos 19:24, 26 February 2006 (CST)

Little known facts about Marshall Whitman

Did you know that he is a senior fellow at the Democratic Leadership Council? Or that he was formerly a member of the Christian Coalition, the Heritage Foundation, and Sen. John McCain's Director of Communications? I bet Marshall's parents were such big fans of Guild Wars, they named their kid after a famous GW character. — Stabber 09:06, 23 March 2006 (CST)

Pretty fly for a lvl5 guy

After reading what is known about these guys, I'd say these guys got run to these places. --Jamie 19:07, 6 April 2006 (CDT)

They need someone to power level them :P --Curse You 00:28, 22 April 2007 (CDT)

Tasca and Whitman named after actual ANet employees?

I find it possible that Tasca and Whitman were actually names taken from some ANet employees, or maybe friends of an employee. I recently bought a book (Master of Chains) by GW's world designer, Jess Lebow. In the Acknowledgements page, there are two lines:

"Steve Whitman, for being brilliant. Phil Tasca, for also being brilliant."

Thoughts? Heist23 00:55, 30 June 2007 (CDT)

*applauds* you are brilliant! not much thought required there heh ;P 19:30, 5 January 2008 (UTC)
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