Mission Requirements

Yes I noticed that this mission took slightly longer to be added to the Dragon Festival, Quests/Mission listing. I've found that you have to complete all 4 quests from Imperial Guard Hanso in order to obtain this mission. Perhaps this should be mentioned somewhere on this article. --=¦¦|| Monk-icon-small Saintly Monk-icon-small||¦¦=-- 05:46, 3 July 2006 (CDT)

Best thing I can suggest is as soon as you spawn... BACK UP.. or you will aggro the Banished Dream Riders
no, you don't need all hanso quests. I completed none with my monk and was able to complete both the tsumei and seitung missions

Sort of exploit

These missions have multiple areas as one area. You can still see the transition points. Monsters behind these points are often held back by them. With ranged attacks from the otherside you can take out the monsters. Carefull though, sometimes a Scythe, for example slips, through. Also you have plenty of space to back up in.

Maelstrom seems to be effective against the Scythes of Chaos and Wrathful Storm to disrupt their casting for a while.

Different Tsumei Village Mission

The Tsumei Villiage mission objective is now "Defend Tsumei Village from the attacking enemy forces. 9 of 9 waves remain"

seitung glitch

Does the glitch in the seitung mission also happen in this one?

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