Talus Chute
Talus Chute map
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Southern Shiverpeaks
Icedome, Camp Rankor,
Droknar's Forge, Ice Caves of Sorrow


Talus Chute is an explorable area in the Southern Shiverpeaks North of Droknar's Forge. Those who return to the shiverpeaks after Ascending in the Crystal Desert will get their first taste of the strong shiverpeaks enemies here. The Western parts of this area are fairly open, but the east is broken up by ridges and frozen rivers. There are some Stone Summit fortifications in the Northeastern parts, a fair bit of which have taken over by Grawl.










Talus Chute vanquished.


"End of the world" in the hidden area

  • Sometimes when exiting from Camp Rankor, a group of 4 Blessed Griffons will spawn in front of the first Azure boss.
  • A party wipe near the Icedome gate will respawn your party very close to the portal such that you can accidentally zone out.
  • Vanquishers must defeat 377-421 monsters in this area.
    • The eastern half of the map, with hordes of imps and golems, is generally more difficult, and many players prefer to start there and leave some of the easier monster mobs for DP removal. Also, make sure you clear out all the imps on flat terrain before venturing down to the frozen riverbeds. Otherwise you could be caught in tight quarters aggroing multiple mobs, including imps pelting you from above.
    • Sometimes there is a group of imps and golems that will walk off the north east exit if they are not killed fast enough. They walk up the far east river. If not killed they will prevent you from vanquishing the area.
  • Cartographers can explore some extra territory by taking a hidden path up the eastern mountainside. Its entryway is towards the southeastern part of the map. Taking this path north and east allows the player to reveal eastern map areas that cannot be uncovered by taking the normal path through the frozen river, and leads to an "end of the world" glitch. Additional cartography tips can be found in the Grandmaster cartography guide.
  • There is another glitch here where it allows you to walk off a support post (near the end on the right side when you are going down the bridge) and under the bridge which has a base of "solid" snow.
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