Tasca's Demise
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Southern Shiverpeaks
The Granite Citadel, Mineral Springs
Tasca's Demise
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General Information

Area Name: Tasca's Demise
Region: Shiverpeak Mountains

General Description: Those wishing to reach the Mineral Springs must travel through here first. As with many other places in the Shiverpeaks, Stone Summit Dwarves patrol the region. They set up an ambush for those leaving the safe haven of The Granite Citadel, so adventurers should be wary as they enter here.

Connected Zones



During Defend Droknar's Forge quest:


Tasca's Demise - Vanquished ( tips)

Tasca's Demise vanquished

  • To receive credit for the Vanquisher title track in this area you must defeat 66-107 monsters in Hard Mode. It is possible to finish the area with 66 Monsters, if you have the Quest Defend Droknar's Forge active.
  • Upon entering from Granite Citadel, the initial open area will appear empty, but four groups of Stone Summit will appear and ambush you as you cross it. You can avoid fighting them by running past quickly. They will not aggro until they converge on the center of the area. If vanquishing, the groups can easily be pulled apart at this point and defeated separately.
  • The large group in the centre, near the forge, can be difficult to pick apart by pulling, especially after they have been aggroed. Stay on the upper area and try hitting them from above with long-range weapons and spells. In any case, be sure to take out every Dolyak Master first, and do not simply charge into the mob.
  • A large number of Avicara Tengu will sometimes spawn behind the portal to Mineral Springs and fight the Stone Summit groups nearby.
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