displays a youtube video in a left floating box 300px wide with 3:4 aspect ratio
same as above, but with a caption above the video, inside the box
same as above, but 16:9 aspect ratio
{{youtube|code|caption|aspect ratio|width}}
same as above, but with size parameter
sets the width, keeps 4:3 default aspect ratio
same as <youtube> tag, but with 4:3 floating box
  • If caption is left blank, there will be no caption displayed.
  • &fmt=18 is appended to the code automatically (but it doesn't hurt if you use it as well)


Only the youtube code is required, the other parameters are optional.

 | 1 = youtube video code (see below), required
 | 2 = caption, default is no caption
 | 3 = aspect ratio, can be a fraction or a decimal (16/9 or 1.43), default is 4/3
 | 4 = width, default is 300
 | width = sets the width (overrides 4), default is 300
 | height= sets the height (overrides 3), default is 255
 | float = left/right/none; default is left
 | border= CSS border: for the outer box, default is 2px solid #666
 | font  = CSS font: for the caption, default is 10pt/125% 'comic sans ms',cursive
 | style = additional CSS style for the outer box, default is none
  • font= can be used to introduce additional CSS style into the caption cell.

How to find the youtube code

  • Our example is this song: Mad world
  • Have a look at the URL:
  • Notice the code (it's always behind v=): 4N3N1MlvVc4
  • Make sure the video actually plays on the page, soem videos play on YouTube's website, but cannot be embedded.


{{youtube|6B6q_Nts3-w|Guild Wars gameplay trailer, 2005}}
Guild Wars gameplay trailer, 2005
{{youtube|Kr2jlCyCJBI|Literal Rickroll|14/9|150}}
Literal Rickroll

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